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Decorating Ideas

Indoor Plants Suitable For An Office Environment

Plants are a great way to both decorate your office and improve wellbeing. But if you aren’t a green thumb, what is a good plant to introduce in to the office? You need to look for green life that looks good, is low maintenance, and going to survive indoors. Here are some options… Palms Always Read more

Five More Decorating Ideas For A Small Office

If Five Decorating Ideas For A Small Office was not enough for you, here are five more to get the creative juices flowing: 1. Fish Tank A quick trip to your local aquarium or pet shop and you can bring back a stylish fish tank. Low maintenance and dynamic. Just make sure you get a Read more

Five Decorating Ideas For A Small Office

Decorating a small office need not be a chore, but getting started can be difficult especially if you are working in a typical sterile office. Here are five ideas to get your mind thinking about what is possible to liven things up: 1. Paint the walls a bold color Orange, red, green, purple – whatever Read more