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Home Office Design Ideas

How To Set Up A Small Office Computer Network

Getting all of your computers hooked up in your small or home office can be easy, affordable, and effective. Before you call in your IT person to help you out here are the things you want to think about so you can give him or her some direction. Wired or Wireless Ten years ago, perhaps Read more

Tackling Isolation In The Home Office

Whilst distractions in the small or home office are common, some people also find isolation an issue. This is common to people running a small business out of their home, who do not have anyone else working with them during the day. If you are craving some kind of interaction with other people, here are Read more

Desk Placement In The Small or Home Office

You aren’t working in cube farm, so don’t arrange your desk as if you are! Placing your desk against a wall (or worse a corner) closes out light and locks you in. Why not get smart about the most important piece of furniture in your office? Look for the light Try to put your desks Read more

Getting In The Right Mindset For Working At Home

Working at home sounds great in theory: get up, walk to your desk in your PJ’s, and start work. But this is not necessarily a productive way to start your day. Try something like this routine instead: Get up Set a time that you want to start work, and work backwards to figure out when Read more

When You Don’t Have Room For A Home Office

A dedicated home office is great – you can set up your desk, storage, and (with a bit of luck) be able to close the door and get some work done. But what if you just don’t have that spare room available? Here are 5 tips on where you can find the space for an Read more

How To Set Up A Home Office

Wanting to set up a small home office, but stuck for ideas on where to start? Here are some tips to get you on your way… 1. Decide on the space First you need to decide where at home you want to work. Probably you have already decided this but if not, here are some Read more

How To Make A Home Office In A Small Corner

Perhaps the ultimate in small office ideas? To position a home office workspace in a tight fitting corner, under a staircase, under a pitched roof, or somewhere else where you have very limited space to work with. Here is how to do it… Clear The Area Clear it all out! Anything that isn’t bolted down Read more