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Small Office Organization Ideas

How To Minimize Overheads And Expenses In A Small Business

When you are just starting out, or perhaps you simply just have a small business, keeping costs down is crucial. You can’t afford to waste cash on things you don’t need, and time dealing with anything other than your priorities. Here are five key expenses faced by many small offices and how to minimize them Read more

Beating That Confined Feeling In The Small Office Environment

Small and home offices need a few sharp stategies to avoid that confined sensation. There will often be a minimal level of ‘stuff’ necessary to just make the office operate. The following are some space-saving ideas to turn that crowded office towards a more productive one.   Additional lumination Sometimes the issue is basic: you Read more

How To Set Up A Small Office Computer Network

Getting all of your computers hooked up in your small or home office can be easy, affordable, and effective. Before you call in your IT person to help you out here are the things you want to think about so you can give him or her some direction. Wired or Wireless Ten years ago, perhaps Read more

How Many People Can You Fit In A Small Office?

No, we aren’t talking about a Guinness World Record stunt. How many people can you realistically fit in to a small office or home office before productivity nosedives? Bottom line up front Assuming a small office room of around 330 square feet (30 square metres), in a workplace that tends to have people working by Read more

Tackling distractions in the small office

A small office (or home office) often means a small business, and in small business distractions are rife! You need to take control of the situation and work on reducing both the frequency of distractions, and the intensity. Here are some of the top distractions you are likely to encounter in a small office and Read more

How To Make The Most Of A Small Office

A small office need not come with a curse – not having enough space, furniture, or budget. It is possible to have both a small office, and a productive one. Here are some pointers to get you started… Make your small office appear larger Removing clutter, cleaning up, adding light and color will all give Read more

Noise and Small Talk In The Small Office

As your small office grows in staff numbers, so does the noise. In a small office you probably have a number of you are all working in the same room. So how do you control the noise levels so that there are less distractions and staff can get work done? Here are 6 ideas to Read more

How To Install Wall Mounted Or Floating Book Shelves

If you are organizing a small office or home office there is a good chance you will want some extra shelving installed. If you rarely or never pick up a hammer or power tool then this kind of job might seem a little daunting. Even if the shelving you purchase has instructions, sometimes they make Read more

How To Organize Office Supplies In The Small Or Home Office

If you are in a home office or small office the chances are that you are responsible for purchasing and organizing the stationery supplies yourself. You will not have an office manager or external agent who keeps a stationery closet well stocked and regularly replenished. Here is how to organize those office supplies so that Read more

Stationery Checklist For Your Small Or Home Office

In large offices you often have a stationery cupboard you can pull stuff from. In your home or small office you need to think ahead. Here’s your stationery checklist for your trip to the store before you set up your small or home office: Pens – blue, black, red Highlighter Permanent marker (Texta / Sharpie) Read more