Five More Decorating Ideas For A Small Office

If Five Decorating Ideas For A Small Office was not enough for you, here are five more to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Fish TankFish in aquarium as an office decoration idea

A quick trip to your local aquarium or pet shop and you can bring back a stylish fish tank. Low maintenance and dynamic.

Just make sure you get a pump and filter, and have somebody responsible for feeding.

Everyone loves an office pet, but not a dead one!

2. Pin-less Pin Board

Modern, good looking, and an easy DIY project. These pin boards are made using elastic to keep documents and photos in place without damaging them.

3. Stylish chairs Stylish chairs in office

While Aeron chairs might be the symbol of tech companies through the 2000s, there are plenty of other options out there. Staff can become rather attached to their chairs, so you could try starting with visitors chairs. Look for unusual lines, color, but don’t skimp on comfort! No amount of aesthetic can account for a chair that feels awful to sit in.

Style does not mean expensive either. You can often pick up unusual (but practical) chairs at discount furniture shops.


4. Floor coverings

A fluffy red rug will encourage warmth and hospitality in a reception or lounge area. A large woven carpet can deaden the echo bouncing around your polished floors. A stylish mat inside the entrance helps the ease the transition from outside to inside and mops up water and dirt dragged in. We don’t often look down to see what’s under us and chances are you can do something in your small or home office to lift the appearance.

5. Clear Out The Clutter

We all want more office space, but can’t always get it. Most offices are littered with clutter that can be removed, such as:

  • Filing cabinets hiding old, useless files
  • Eating or reception areas with old magazines and brochures
  • Equipment that isn’t being used, or broken

Chances are this kind of ‘stuff’ is never going to be used again. Get rid of it and breathe some life in to the office!


Would you like to share some more ideas? Please use the comment form below and let us know how you have transformed your office.