Indoor Plants Suitable For An Office Environment

Plants are a great way to both decorate your office and improve wellbeing. But if you aren’t a green thumb, what is a good plant to introduce in to the office? You need to look for green life that looks good, is low maintenance, and going to survive indoors. Here are some options…

Palmspalm in pot suitable for an office environment

Always a favourite because they can grow tall in a small pot, excellent at cleaning the air, and very hardy. There are lots of varieties and if you are after a specific variety try The Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens) which according to NASA is one of the top air purifying plants and humidifies the air – an excellent choice if working in a dry air conditioned environment.

Yucca Yucca Potted Plant suitable for office environment

Yucca elephantipes (also known as Yucca gigantea, and Yucca guatemalensis) is also a great office plant. They are very hardy and will tolerate some abuse, but could do with a bit more light than other indoor plants… so place near a window if possible. Their interesting structure of a tall trunk and bushy top discerns them from most other common indoor plants. Try positioning one either side of your office entrance.

Ficusficus plant in pot in office environment

A perennial favourite – so much so that when you see one you start wondering whether it is real or plastic, given the number of plastic ficus plants that made their way in to office buildings in the last few decades. Ficus benjamina (commonly known as a weeping fig, Benjamin’s fig, or simply a generic ‘ficus tree’) is hugely popular variety because of its tolerance to long periods of neglect. As with many plants, a bit of sunlight is good but will otherwise hold up to the average office environment very well.

Succulents succulent cactus garden in pot for office environment

Not sure what a succulent is? Think any of those (often colorful) plants that thrive in desert environments such as Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Cactus and Agave plants are succulents. We love succulents because they are the ultimate in low maintenance, have great texture, and come in all sizes from tiny desktop varieties to larger potted options. Just give them some sunlight and give them a (very) sporadic watering and they will be fine. You can even take a cutting of the plant off and transplant it in to a new pot to grow more of it. It’s the plant that keeps on giving!

Lucky Bamboo Lucky bamboo in small vase in an office environment

Some might consider these a gimmick, or even tacky, but you have to admit they look interesting. Botanical name Dracaena sanderiana, these Lucky Bamboo plants are cheap, available seemingly everywhere these days (supermarkets, thrift shops, etc), and require a once-or-two week water. They also don’t like direct sunlight and will happily live in the office environment.


If you are having trouble committing to a live plant you could always grab a vase and throw in a few bright flowers. Gerberas, daffodils, sunflowers, or whatever looks colorful from your local florist is a great option, especially if your office is looking a little bland or bleak with white walls and grey furniture. Flowers are great for reception areas to brighten up the space and welcome in visitors to your office. Just be aware that some people are sensitive to the pollens if flowers, so keep an ear out for increased sneezing!


If you are still unsure, you could head down to your local garden center. Staff there will be able to recommend something that fits your space requirements and is in budget.

Have you got any suggestions on plants for people to place in their office? Let us know via the comment form below.